Director Joe Wright and Sound Supervisor Craig Berkey - Conversations with Sound Artists - Season 3

December 14, 2017 8:00am

Director Joe Wright and his sound supervisor Craig Berkey talk about using sound design to build worlds as diverse as Churchill’s World War II London in Darkest Hour, the synesthezia of a homeless schizophrenic in The Soloist, or a fantastic Neverland in Pan. Wright and Berkey explore why recording Foley in the real Churchill war rooms was important, how working in the London rave scene after college influenced Wright’s use of sound, and why having the score to play for the actors on set is important.

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In this series of six episodes, we focus on the long-time collaboration of some of the leading directors and their sound supervisors working today. These remarkable directors talk about the importance of sound to the films, and how they work with sound design and music.