In Pursuit of Silence - Skywalker Sound Team Discussion

October 26, 2017 2:18pm

In Pursuit of Silence (www.pursuitofsilence.com) is a fascinating and meditative film and exploration of silence and the impact of noise on our lives. Filmed in eight countries, it immerses us in a cinematic journey around the globe—from a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto, to the streets of Mumbai, the loudest city on the planet—and inspires us to both experience silence and celebrate the wonders of our world. Other highlights include filming in the anechoic chamber at Orfield Labs in Minneapolis (the “Quietest Place on Earth”), Alaska’s Denali Memorial Park and Trappist and Zen monasteries, as the filmmakers distill our experience of the world and challenge us to see it anew.

Films sound team from Skywalker Ranch:
Steve Bissinger, sound designer & supervising sound editor
Zach Martin, re-recording mixer & additional effects editor
Shaun Farley, dialogue editor

Moderator: Michael Coleman of Soundworks Collection

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