Mix Presents Sound for Film Event 2017 - Audio Podcast Series

September 25, 2017 9:00am

Mix Magazine presented the fourth annual Sound for Film and TV event, an all-day exhibition and conference spotlighting the technologies and techniques behind sound for picture, from production to playback.

The boom in television and streaming services, along with the emergence of Virtual Reality, has led to a technology/workflow change in how content is produced. The techniques and tools are merging, and studios and producers have adapted their methods. We bring film, television and virtual reality all together on the legendary Sony Pictures Studios lot in Culver City, California on September 16th, 2017.

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Keynote Speech: Tom Holkenborg

Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, is a Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum producer, musician, and composer whose versatility puts him on the cutting edge of contemporary music, as well at the vanguard of exciting new film composers. His film scoring credits include Mad Max Fury Road, Deadpool, Black Mass, Divergent, Brimstone, and the forthcoming Justice League and Dark Tower.

MIX Panel Series—Editing

There are big budgets and small budgets, big productions and small productions—but no matter the size or scale of the project, the audio team has to create high-quality sound for multiple delivery formats, immersive and stereo. As the demands increase, so do the challenges facing post-production sound artists. This panel will outline how sound supervisors approach different type budgets and different type formats, from 5.1 stems to immersive tracks for Theatrical, Television, and home theater and streaming delivery. The key is that workflows and decision-making need to be flexible and innovative. Moderator: Mark Mangini Andrew De Cristofaro, Tony Lamberti, Jay Jennings, David Rowe, Juliann Slater

MIX Panel Series—Mixing

Hear from production and post production experts in Feature Films and TV as they discuss their specific crafts in production, editing, and re-recording. Learn what each wants from the other, and why.

Moderator: Karol Urban, Re-recording Mixer CAS Steve Tibbo, CAS
Ed Moskowitz, CAS
Scott Millan, CAS
Jesse Ehredt, Sound Editorial Assistant and Recordist
Steve Rivkin, ACE
Teri E. Dorman

MIX Panel Series—Technology

Immersive sound experiences are breaking traditional barriers and reaching consumers in more ways than ever before, and with platforms such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro3D, content creators are engaging their audiences with the help of superior audio. But how does it all come together, on time and under budget? Learn how content creators are expanding and streamlining their workflows to meet the demands of multiple content delivery formats.

Moderator: Jonathan Deans, CTO, Westlake Pro. Bill Johnston, VP of Engineering, Formosa Group
Brian Riordan, Re-recording Mixer and President, Levels Audio
Kurt Howell, National Manager for Focusrite
Marti Humphrey, Re-recording Mixer and President of The Dub Stage
Jeremy Davis, Re-recording mix Technician, Sony
Dan Sperry, Senior Manager, Content Services Group at Dolby Laboratories

AVID Presents: Game of Thrones: The Sound of Fire & Ice — Cary Grant Theater

Moderator: Ozzie Sutherland, AVID Pro Audio Solutions Specialist
Mathew Waters, Re–recording Mixer
Tim Kimmel, Supervising Sound Editor
Brett Voss, Foley Editor/Foley Mixer
Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, Foley Artist
Paula Fairfield, Sound Designer

AVID Presents: War for the Planet of the Apes: How Sound Brought Primates to Life — Cary Grant Theater

Moderator: Ozzie Sutherland, AVID Pro Audio Solutions Specialist
William Files, Re–recording Mixer, Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer
PK Hooker, Ape Effects Editor
Dave Grimaldi, Additional Sound Designer, Sound Effects Editor
Doug Murray, Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Ape Voice Premixer

AVID Presents: Film & TV Marketing: Music and Sound Design in Theatrical Trailers and TV Spots — Cary Grant Theater

Moderator: Ozzie Sutherland, AVID Pro Audio Solutions Specialist
Jez Colin, President, Hi-Finesse Music & Sound
Josh Feelstra, Composer, music producer, sound designer
Joseph Bauer, Composer, music producer, sound designer
Sohrab Nafici, Executive Director, Music/Legal. Warner Bros. Pictures
Heather Kreamer, Director of Music for Create Advertising

Composers Lounge - The Scoring Process: The Music Team, Relationships and Mentoring

After a composer writes a score, the process of getting music to the screen requires a team of professionals working collaboratively and creatively. Who does what? And how do you build a music team?

Moderator: Steven Saltzman
Panelists: Bobby Fernandez, Tommy Vicari

Composers Lounge - Music Editing: Temp Music, Scoring Session and the Dub Stage

The music editor provides the link to all music in a project—from source, to stems to final print master. Here we find out how it works day to day, from both the composer’s and music editor’s point of view.

Moderator: Steven Saltzman
Panelists: Peter “Oso” Snell, Joseph DeBeasi, Bobby Fernandez, Tommy Vicari

Composers Lounge - Music on the Dub Stage: Finding the Balance With Dialog and Effects

The music editor represents the music team on the re-recording stage, working with the supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer to find the right balance scene by scene with dialog and effects.

Moderator: Steven Saltzman
Panelists: Kelly Oxford, Mark Paterson

Composers Lounge - New Life for Documentaries: Original Music With Feature Film Impact

Television and streaming have opened up all kinds of opportunities for documentary filmmakers, including larger budgets for the creation of original music and feature-style scores.

Moderator: Steven Saltzman
Panelists: Pinar Toprak, Joel Goodman

Composers Lounge - Music in 360: Scoring for Games, VR and Augmented Reality

The frontiers of Immersive Sound for the consumer, whether played back in headphones or a physical space, will be driven by videogames and the impending tsunami of content for Virtual and Augmented Reality. Note: It’s all-new, and it all has music.

Moderator: Steven Saltzman
Panelists: Garry Schyman, Joel Douek

Composers Lounge - Featured Score, Television: Composer Mark Isham

Moderator: Steven Saltzman
Composer Mark Isham and Music Engineer Jason LaRocca