Musical table & pendulum sound machine live at pola museum annex

December 16, 2012 9:40pm
Source: Vimeo

Musical Table

The musical table installed 504 volumes on the top plate, and there are 504 musical box movements which play only a single sound in the point of the 5-m electric line extended from there. the motor revolving speed of the musical boxes are adjusted by the volume of the table, and the musical boxes play sound at random.

Pendulum Sound Machine

Created as an instrument, this device subverts a record player's rotation to make noise with

16 Plate-hitting Pendulums

The microphone which gathers vibration is attached to the plate with which the Pendulum Sound Machine is equipped, and it connects to PC. through the reverberation of the effector and filter, the noise recorded in an instant was played at the speed of 1/300 and mixed. the musical boxes play sound at random and the effector and filter make ambiente sound.

About Artist:

Kyouei design is a Japanese design and manufacturing company of lighting and products,established by Kouichi Okamoto in 2006.

Kouichi Okamoto, product designer / sound producer. Under the name "bekkou" Okamoto released the sound source work "hi light" from Dutch techno label X-trax in 1997 and has done music work for Dutch "re-run" and British labels since. He started product deign work in 2004 and in 2006 began Kyouei Design. He has been introducing to the world new designs from Shizuoka. Kyouei design also participates in exhibitions and interior product events around the world.