Gwendolyn Yates Whittle Supervising Sound Editor

The Soundworks Collection puts the faces and voices behind the sound up front. The track becomes that much more interesting and informative when you can see and hear the people that put the pieces together, which makes going to the movies that much more fun!


Mark Stoeckinger Supervising Sound Editor

The SoundWorks Collection presents a unique opportunity to meet the people behind the sounds. It provides a wealth of insights into the craft of motion picture sound that can’t be found anywhere else.


Bobbi Banks MPSE President

Michael Coleman and his Soundworks Collection website provides a platform that is truly an asset to the Sound Post community. It enhances the ability for everyone to engage in our sonic world by highlighting the extremely talented editors that are the creators.


Zack Hemsey Music Composer

SoundWorks Collection manages to educate the novice, enlighten the professional, and entertain the viewer…a truly rare combination in behind-the-scenes features, and an impressive achievement.


Gary Rydstrom Skywalker Sound

SoundWorks Collection is a passionate and polished celebration of film sound. It’s a cool virtual water cooler where people who love sound can inform and inspire each other.


Gary P. Russell Technicolor at Paramount

I’ve been mixing films for over 25 years and I’m constantly asked by friends and family as well as people in the industry what it is we do in Sound. When I saw The Soundworks Collection’s first profile I went WOW finally someone shedding some light on our wonderful world of Motion Picture Sound.


Erik Aadahl Supervising Sound Editor

There are so many misperceptions about sound for film. SoundWorks Collection helps de-mystify the art, and show how pros in the trenches are really doing it. An incredible resource. I’m shocked there was nothing like it until now.


Cameron Frankley Supervising Sound Editor

The SoundWorks Collection allows the sound community to get great insight into the creative and technical choices made by other film makers. In each SoundWorks profile, you can find the spark that inspired every artist.


Randy Thom Skywalker Sound

In the struggle to free sound from its second class status in film, the SoundWorks Collection videos have quickly become an important tool for showcasing sound designers, editors, and mixers as principal artistic collaborators in film storytelling.


David E.Fluhr Sound Re-Recording Mixer

The Soundworks Collection video series are wonderfully produced, high quality profiles of sound editorial and mixing work 'behind the camera'. It’s a collaborative rescource which provides a view of the people and techniques they use that is not usually presented. The collection provides information to others OUTSIDE the sound community as well, which broadens the audience, and the appeal.


Ethan Van der Ryn Supervising Sound Editor

The SoundWorks collection is a great reminder for all of us in the sound community of just how lucky we are: to be doing work that we are passionate about, having a ball doing it and getting paid for it. If I didn’t know better I’d think that we must be breaking the law.


Chris Jenkins Sound Re-Recording Mixer

The SoundWorks videos highlight the intense collaborative process of post production sound and creative decisions made by very talented individuals to shape the audience’s experience of the film.


Steve Boeddeker Sound Designer

As a feature film sound designer, I’m often asked if I can watch a movie without being constantly aware of the sound work. But the truth is that well crafted sound should pull the audience deep into the story and emotion of the film, but without calling undue attention to itself. From the biggest explosion to the smallest breath, if the sound is working well, then the audience will believe and they will be 'there'.


Myron Nettinga Sound Re-Recording Mixer

The soundworks collection is an amazing resource for all of us in the industry, showing great examples of how sound is a creative and emotional contributor to films and not just a technical craft!


Odin Benitez Supervising Sound Editor

The SoundWorks Collection video series shines a spotlight on the artistic process and hard work that goes into the sound of a film. Michael Coleman’s productions are well thought-out, entertaining and polished. They are as enlightening to the general public as they are to the seasoned professional.